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Credit Card Rates and Co-Insurance on Medical Bills

A few days ago I got a letter from my credit card company, which happens to be through a major bank, that effective the next billing cycle my APR will be going up from a current rate of just over 9% to over 14%. And, this will be a

Strategies for Cutting Insurance Costs

Being a savvy consumer when evaluating your insurance policies can save you money in both the short and long term. By following a few simple guidelines you might be able to fatten your wallet while taking care of your family in the best way possible. Insurance Cost Cutting Tips:

How Does Filing a Claim Affect My Insurance Rates?

You purchase insurance to protect your finances in case of an accident or injury. If you crash your car or if your house catches fire, insurance allows you to repair the damage without reaching into your pocket (as much). But you are smart if you are wondering how filing

How to Get Low Life Insurance Rates

If you’re in the process of buying life insurance, you know that comparing life insurance rates can be confusing. After you decide on the best deal, getting the best life insurance rates may include a medical exam. Although some people find the doctor visit a little unnerving, most people