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Term Life Insurance Vs. Whole Life Insurance

Financial advisers and experts universally recognize life insurance as the foundation of an individuals financial house. However, many consumers do not understand what their options are and are confused about what type of life insurance is right for them. 9 out of 10 life insurance policies sold are whole

Whole Life Insurance Vs. Term Life Insurance: Who Benefits More, You or Your Insurance Agent?

When my husband and I first got married, we were told that part of being responsible adults was to plan for the inevitable – – death. Trying to be responsible adults, we met with our insurance agent to discuss life insurance. We were presented with two types of life

The Differences Between Term and Whole Life Insurance

Life insurance can be confusing and complicated and many people don't understand what type of policy they need. There are two main types of life insurance – term and whole life. A universal policy is another type of whole life policy that is also available, but this article will

Whole and Term Life Insurance: Understanding the Difference

Life insurance is designed to create financial protection for a persons' family should they pass away. This protection can come in the form of paying off the deceased persons' debts or even as a replacement for their income for a certain length of time. Life insurance can even be