Helpful Forums with Information on Insurance, Mortgage, Debt and Credit

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The internet is full of some really good sites that offer a lot of good information, but there are so many. I have found four different forums that cover insurance, mortgage, debt and credit that all fall under one umbrella.

I like these sites because they are full of real people with real problems sharing experiences, both good and bad, getting and giving advice, sharing hardship and success. You can write on the forum, be open and honest, interact with others in your same situation and discuss strategies of solving your problems or meeting your goals.

The insurance forum discusses all types of insurance, from the everyday vehicle, home owners and medical to one time insurances that are purchased for special occasions, you can get and give all types of advice on this forum. They have two different contests also, one for member referral and the other for an Ipod for monthly posting winner. Go to and find the wonderful world of insurance like you have never experienced it before.

With the mortgage market in the shape it is in today, the mortgage forum is a wonderful place for folks to go and get some advice 24/7. On this forum, the first time home buyer can be advised every step of the way or the person who is at risk of foreclosure can save their home. This forum is full of amazing people sharing their experiences, helping each other out and being there for each other. You are just a click a way from the mortgage forum, you will enjoy the honesty and excitement of the first time buyer when they land the perfect home or experience the heartache of someone who is days away from foreclosure. You can see someone turn it all around and keep their home.

The debt forum is huge, full of collection horror stories where people lay out their experiences with the ruthless collector, then someone will come a long and offer advice that will give the person the knowledge and the confidence to go up against the collector. A relationship is built and the person who was just all stressed out in collections now has a support system that will follow them the whole way through the process. From old credit card collections, junk debt buyers to the modern day robber, the pay day lender, you will find help with any type of debt possible just by going to the debt forum and posting your questions.

The credit forum is the last of the four, it is a little smaller than the debt, insurance and mortgage forum but is growing membership daily. You can find advice here on rebuilding your credit, checking your credit score, starting over and many other issues dealing with rebuilding or just building your credit.

All four of these forums has a pub section, this section lets you discuss all off topic issues that are not covered under the main topics.

These forums are a very useful to anyone in need of advice, for anyone in a position to give advice or anyone who wants to learn. I have found all four very useful, informative and education. So take a click and enjoy!