How to Find a Missing Life Insurance Policy

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Several factors could have led to your search for a missing life insurance policy. Perhaps you aren't sure if someone who died had a life insurance policy. Or perhaps you know they had one but have no idea the company it was with. It is also possible that you're aware a life insurance policy was taken out on you as a child and you want it but aren't sure who the company is. Whatever the case, finding a missing policy can be difficult.

Ask relatives and friends of the family

Don't immediately dismiss the idea that someone else might know the name of the life insurance company. It can be surprising what people remember. While life insurance is usually considered a private financial matter, it is also possible that the person who took out the policy asked for advice from their loved ones. Chances are you have already been in contact with the family lawyer, but sometimes people have more than one lawyer. The family lawyer might know about any and all life insurance policies.

Search through papers

If searching the house and the safe hasn't located the policy then find out if the person had a safety deposit box. Some people have them to keep important papers in a safe location outside of the house. While searching through papers also look for cancelled checks and bank statements. If you can find out who was being paid this will lead you to the policy. Depending on the type of life insurance policy, finding old tax returns could be helpful because interest income must be reported.

Make contact

Some people have life insurance through their jobs. If contacting their place of work doesn't find the policy, try contacting former employers as well. Also, try contacting the places they had other forms of insurance. Since companies offer discounts for multiple plans, it is possible that the person obtained vehicle, house, and life policies from the same place. Even if the policy isn't with the place you contacted, the agent might be able to help you locate it. You could also try contacting the most popular life insurance companies yourself to see if there is a policy with them.

Search Online

If the insurance company is aware that the person has died, but cannot contact the beneficiary then the money may be given to the government until the correct person is located.