No Insurance? Texas Doctor Offers New Low Cost Health Program

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In the United States, there are millions of Americans who are uninsured which leads to many individuals who do not seek out and receive the medical attention they may so desperately need.

In response to the growing concern of uninsured Americans, a physician in Texas has created an innovated approach to healthcare. Known as the “40/40 Medical Care” plan, uninsured Texans, including small business owners and the self employed, can join into a membership of healthcare services offered by a physician in McKinney, Texas.

Under the 40/40 Medical Care plan, individuals are charged a monthly premium of $40 and are provided access to healthcare by this physician, 24-hours per day, seven days per week. Pay the $40 co-pay for the office visit and the physician will open his doors and provide treatment, within the scope of his licensure.

And what if you require the services of a specialist? Under the 40/40 Medical Care plan, individuals who can not be provided the necessary treatment by the providing physician will be referred to a team of specialists within the network of the 40/40 Medical Care plan, who will provide a significant discount for office visit fees.

In addition to office visits and services by the family practitioner, uninsured Americans who join this $40.00 per month program, are provided with a membership into a discount pharmacy program known as the Personal RX program.

Critics of the program state there is great concern over the doctor’s ability to handle the increasing number of patients joining the membership program. Additionally, there is question as to whether or not the discount provided by the specialists is truly a discounted rate over that of traditional health insurance programs. However, for the uninsured Americans in Texas, this plan offers an opportunity to obtain access to a physician, and formulate some discount over surmounting health care costs, at a low cost of $40.00 per individual.

For small businesses, this health insurance option provides a way in which to attract new employees, offering a health benefit program not commonly seen in the small business marketplace. Plus, with access to care, 24-hours per day, the employees are provided with convenient medical services that work around their work schedules, reducing the number of days missed from work.

As with any new concept on healthcare, there is speculation and concern about the effectiveness of the program. However, for residents, employees and small business owners in Texas, the 40/40 Medical Care plan has provided a key health benefit alternative to avert the financial toll associated with health services on uninsured Americans.