Shopping on the Internet for Life Insurance

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With hundreds of different companies competing for you to buy their life insurance policies, it may be hard to know where to start. One of the best places to start your research is the Internet. Not only can you do great comparison shopping, but it is also much easier when you are able to look up many different companies in a much shorter amount of time. Whereas it may take you hours to speak to someone individually on the phone it could take as little as 5 minutes to get an instant quote online.

There are four types of life insurance sites that you can receive quotes on:

The type of site that asks you for your personal information which they sell as a lead to other insurance companies

Sites that market life insurance information but ask for personal information such as name and email addresses before giving you a quote

Insurance company sites that will quote you directly or refer you to one of their preferred agents in your area

Sites that openly allow you to access many different life insurance companies anonymously so that you comparison shop before contacting them individually There are many advantages to shopping online for a quote. First you do it all from the comfort of your home and you are not obligated to listen to a long "sale" from someone who doesn't know you. Secondly, with all the online policies in effect, life insurance companies can give you an average of what you can pay much quicker than they used to. Online insurance companies also offer you a host of services that can explain in non-judgmental detail what insurance policy is best for you.

Just typing in life insurance policy will bring you up numerous companies that are there for you to use. There are some that are better than others however. They may compare more companies to try to find better rates without the hassle of selling your information to many companies that will be calling you on the phone the next day.

Here are a few:

Insurance.comMost of these are bigger name websites that offer you more of a choice, but don't just choose the first premium you see. Some of the smaller name brands are just as effective in finding you good rates and usually offer better customer service. Shop around first, and then buy later.