Three Questions for Your Pet Insurance Company

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When you are trying to decide what pet insurance company to do business with you should have some questions that you want answers for. Provide these answers to the agent or sales representative you speak with and let them know what your questions and concerns are. You could sit down for days while thinking about your pet and come up with question after question to ask your company, but these three should clear up most common situations.

  1. How do you handle pre-existing coverage and routine car? So this may seem like two questions in one, but it is really a question that will be combined in its answer. Almost every company (all that I am aware of) has a list of pre-existing conditions that are not covered for your pet. Ask for the list before you decide to see what will and will not be covered. Routine care is the yearly procedures that you must perform on your pet, such as shots and grooming. Many companies do not cover this while others may approve it after reaching a deductible.
  2. How broad is your pet insurance coverage? Most pet insurance companies will have standards that they go by and plans that they offer in order to serve your pet in the best way possible. Some companies may believe in covering one condition in full while another may believe that it is covered at a lower rate and still another won’t cover the situation at all. Do your research first and do not allow this to happen to you and your family.
  3. What restrictions do you have for my pet’s veterinarian? Most pet insurance companies do not require you to go to any particular veterinarian, meaning that pet insurance is even better than the insurance we get ourselves. Pet insurance, instead, creates and cultivates lasting relationships with veterinarians by paying on time and providing good payments based on services rendered. Be sure to let your vet know that you are using pet insurance when you bring in your pet for treatment.

You can obviously ask more questions and, depending on the type of pet you have, you may have an additional line of questions to ask. These three are very important because they will restrict you from doing very specific things with your pet and their care. Asking questions will only help you improve your experience with the company that you get insurance from and that is what they will want to begin with anyway.